Where Will Your Federal Retirement Income Come From?

Where Will Your Federal Retirement Income Come From

The majority of federal retirees will get income from a number of sources. However, the only sources they can really depend on are ‘certified sources’ of income. What are certified sources of income? Income that you know will be there – Social Security, Federal Employee Annuities and sometimes other Personal Savings and Investments.

Some of us may receive income from an inheritance, equity in our home, life insurance, and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Income generally comes from the three primary sources named above and quite often the third one might be missing for many retirees – Savings and Investments. Even if you are currently missing the Savings portion, like you Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), it is never too late if you put a savings strategy in place and stick to it.

When you are planning for your retirement, your plans should not be based on ‘what ifs,’ like winning the lottery. We would all like to win the lottery, but the odds are pretty slim. Therefore, your plans for retirement must be based on certified sources of funds. As federal and postal employees you know that your Federal Annuity and Social Security where applicable will be there. Everything else is an add-on to enhance your comfort and security in retirement.

Whatever your financial profile, the greatest way to protect it is by always making sure that your expenses are below your income. Careful planning can help you reach this position with what you have when you make adjustments to fit your circumstances.

Source: PSRetirement.com

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