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OPM’s objective is to educate federal employees on the NEED to plan for retirement. PSR Educators offers federal and postal employees the solutions on HOW to make the most of these retirement benefits.

About Public Sector Retirement Educators

Public Sector Retirement Educator’s mission is to provide all federal and postal employees the information they need to secure their financial future and the quality of life they deserve. PSRE provides traditional, education only, classroom training that can be customized to fit nearly every federal or postal agencies’ needs as well as sessions that can be tailored to meet the needs of Unions and Professional Organizations. The Public Sector Retirement Educators (PSRE) is made up of former Federal Human Resources professionals and trainers, along with knowledgeable financial professional who specialize in the retirement needs of federal and postal employees. PSRE is one of the largest organizations of our type, in the Country, with representatives in over 20 States.

Typical Retirement Training Workshops

  • ‘Lunch and Learn’ Sessions
  • 90-Minute Retirement Overview
  • Half-Day Retirement Training Session
  • Full-Day Retirement Training
  • 2-Day Retirement Training
  • 3-Day Retirement Training
  • Personal 1-on-1 Coaching and Benefit Analysis
  • Customized Sessions – we can accommodate nearly any request.

Through our network of Trained Federal Benefits Consultants, we provide federal and postal employees with the knowledge they need to understand their federal retirement benefits and help these same employees establish a solid financial framework for their future. PSRE can help you learn how to create your financial foundation, save for retirement and emergencies, maintain the appropriate health benefits and prepare for your life after federal and postal employment.

The professional affiliates of Public Sector Retirement Educators are made up of some of the most experienced benefits instructors and financial professionals. In an effort to deliver to you the most timely, pertinent information, to help ensure you have the knowledge necessary to achieve the highest possible standard of living in retirement PSRE is continually adding new curriculum and offering ongoing training to our affiliates to ensure their knowledge is the most up to date possible.

The PSRE curriculum and materials are distributed to the employee through live workshops, webinars, as well as on-demand web-based educational programs. PSRE also offers 1-on-1 consultations and benefit analysis.

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Streaming Retirement Benefit Training and Education for Federal Employees

Dianna Tafazoli – Chief Education Coordinator

Dianna Tafazoli is a human resources executive with an extensive background in public and private sector retirement. Dianna was hired as a consultant by the National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA) to conduct major human capital studies for federal agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the United Stated Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service. Dianna also provided human capital consultation to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Science Resouse Center (NSRC) on effective Performance Management. Dianna authored and designed an e-learning guide to transitioning Veterans from the military to federal service for the Department of Education.

Because of Dianna’s track record and broad knowledge of public sector retirement, she was selected to design a comprehensive retirement training program for the Federal Courts covering the entire United States.

Dianna is the author of Reshaping Your Retirement Future – Planning Ahead for Tomorrow, the official training manual used by the Federal Courts. Dianna is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Metrics and Measures task force. She is also a writer and public speaker. Dianna conducts seminars on a wide-range of topics, including human resources, diversity, retirement, conflict management and consensus building. Dianna also teaches Performance Management in the graduate school at Marymount University.

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