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Learn More About Your Federal Retirement Benefits

Gain The Insight To Maximize Your Retirement Income.

Our Mission is to deliver unmatched education to Federal and Postal employees on their benefits in order for them to maximize their retirement and better their lives.

Dianna Tafazoli

Chief Education Coordinator

Dianna is the author of the official training manual used by the Federal Courts, Reshaping Your Retirement Future – Planning Ahead for Tomorrow.

Dianna was selected to design a comprehensive retirement training program for the Federal Courts covering the entire United States because of her track record and broad knowledge of public sector retirement.

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Federal Retirement Workshops and Seminar

Whether you are a Federal employee who is approaching retirement or recently retired, Public Sector Retirement Educators can provide you much needed information on your retirement benefits and also on ways you can maximize these same benefits. The Federal Retirement Workshops and Seminars can be customized to give you, your Agency or your professional organization the best possible and most focused information available.

Postal Retirement Seminar And Workshops

Postal employees have many of the same retirement benefits that federal employees have, however, there are several unique ‘Postal Employee only’ benefits that every postal employee needs to be aware of. Public Sector Retirement Educators provides educational events at Postal Union Meetings throughout the Country as well as educational events that provides this same information at local meeting areas or event halls.

Retirement Benefit ‘Lunch & Learn’

‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions are short and to the point, educational events, that cover the ‘Must Know’ information every Federal and Postal employee should be aware of as they approach retirement. These sessions are held at your place of business and typically last about 60 minutes with an expectation that interested attendees would schedule a one-on-one benefit analysis with the Educator. Public Sector Retirement Educator’s Lunch & Learn sessions are great ways of getting some exposure to your retirement benefits.

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Streaming Retirement Benefit Training and Education for Federal Employees


We Offer Postal & Federal Employees education on all their available benefits

Our courses are designed to educate active and retired employees in the public sector. We have educational events ranging from 90 minute overviews to ‘lunch and learns,’ and either 1, 2 or 3-day seminars. We can also create a customized experience for you and can cater to the specific needs of your office, professional organization or Union.

Our educators have decades of collective experience and undergo ongoing training to ensure they are up to date on any changes in your benefits.

Federal Retirement Benefits
The journey to federal employee retirement promises to be everything that human nature is: complicated, a little bit frightening, exciting, anticipative, wonderful and riddled with the strong emotion of change and what to do with it.
How To Choose a Financial Professional to Handle Your Affairs
Seek a financial planner who has demonstrated skills in their field of expertise. Look for advisors who have been published or interviewed on topics that relate to your concerns.
Where Will Your Federal Retirement Income Come From?
The majority of federal retirees will get income from a number of sources. However, the only sources they can really depend on are ‘certified sources’ of income. What are certified sources of income?

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